Where to gamble if you’re Japanese

One would think that gambling is legal in Japan due to all the Pachinko machines* and other gambling games. However gambling has been regulated by the Government since they feel that too many Japanese people would fall into an addiction if there were land based casinos everywhere. Due to this regulation a lot of Japanese gamblers have sought their playing to foreign online casinos. This is possible due to the fact that these gaming companies are registered in tax paradises such as curacao.

panchinko machine*Panchinko Machines is one of Japan’s favorite ways of entertainment. They can be found basically anywhere. Unlike a normal slot machine you buy metal balls for money that are shot up through the machine and the goal is to hit these balls between pins. Doing so will give you more metal balls. It’s not all based on luck. The user has a wheel that they can adjust to change the way of the ball.

Where to play?japan-casino

So where do you gamble if you’re Japanese? There are several web sites on the Internet that will provide with information on which online casinos to trust, what games they offer and so on. Not all foreign companies will allow players from Japan so it’s really important to find a casino that do.

We at momentewiese have selected two different review web sites that we feel provides the most accurate information. They’ve also designed their web site really good with excellent navigation. These two sites are 100% legit and all information is updated and correct. Check them out at:

www.bthecasino.com – ベストカジノボーナス

www.manekinekocasino.com – カジノ おすすめ